Visual Studio 2010{Comments Off on Visual Studio 2010}

by Wei C

Visual Studio 2010 is a newer edition of the all purposes development tool from Microsoft. There is a brand new editor and platform for the version 4.0 .net framework. It contains the new features which allow users to use C++ 0x standard. In addition to the updated C++ features, it also supports the parallel programming which is really popular recently. Furthermore, Visual Studio 2010 also improving some of the functions such as debugging, coding and testing. However, because of the diversity of the features, so it is larger and slower to use than before. In this case, it is not yet completely supports the mobile development because of this downside. However, it is still a strong program which can help a lot for its features. In conclusion, the author stats that Visual Studio 2010 is still new to the market so far, and it will be popular later since it has all those great features.



In my opinion, I think it is really great that we always have some new technologies that are improving over time. However, people need to get used to them when new things are out. For example here, the old windows mobile 6 does not support anything from the Visual Studio 2010. There will always some adapt problem when new technologies first came out. The new features provided by Visual Studio 2010 are really interesting.

In my conclusion, this should be an great article for us because it describe the benefits and the downside of using the Visual Studio 2010. However, those problems are being solved over time. In this case, I think Visual Studio is sure a really helpful tool when we are doing the web development and some other programming.


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