Visual Studio 2011 for Metro{Comments Off on Visual Studio 2011 for Metro}

by Andrew J
Windows 8 will have a “revolutionary” new design.  It will use the live tiles that it has in its Windows Phone 7 platform, but for desktop, phone, and tablet use. This style is called Metro. The Metro-style allows for the user to have apps that appear on their home screen that include instant information, kind of like widgets. Visual Studio plans to allow all developers use the Metro style in their new applications. Microsoft originally aimed at a much smaller market for the use of Visual Studio. However, what used to be 10 million developers is now upwards to 100 million, spanning not only professional developers, but also students, entrepreneurs, and general people who want to build an app and put it up on the app store. With these trends Visual Studio 2011 and .NET 4.5 could really help new developers add content to a new app community.

I think that the windows mobile platform has a really good chance to take off with Windows 8 integrating the desktop, tablet, and phone all into the same atmosphere. Right now, the desktop is solely the desktop, the phone is running on a completely different platform, and Windows does not have a distinct platform for the Tablet. With all three ecosystems under one roof, the windows mobile platform could be solidified as a legitimate contender to iOS and Android. Many people will flock to use the Windows 8 for their desktop. The familiarity and close integration of the desktop system and mobile system may be a real attraction for some. Visual Studio could gain some serious speed if Window’s mobile platform get off and running. More and more people will want to develop for the Windows Phone. Visual Studio is there to simplify the development process.

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