Visual Studio 2012{5}

Microsoft has posted a preview release of the new Visual Studio 2012. The software is almost
ready for release after a few more minor bug fixing and faster performance optimization.
This new and upcoming version is also being developed to now include the market of mobile
and portable devices. It also has the ability to build applications with Microsoft’s Metro
user interface that will be used in Windows 8. Visual Studio 2012 also has more tools for
making Web Applications to be used across multiple platforms as well as HTML5 and Microsoft’s
new .NET 4.5 version along with new templates to handle Agile, Scrum and other application
building programs in a managed environment.

I think this relates to our class because it is talking about the new version of Visual Studio
2012. What I really like about this new version is how you can now develop Metro-style
applications. I really look forward to this new versions of Visual Studio 2012 and I also look
forward to Windows 8 and the different kinds of applications that can be made with Visual
Studio 2012.


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