Visual Studio gets an upgrade and everyone is happy.{Comments Off on Visual Studio gets an upgrade and everyone is happy.}

by Salvador A
From the date that this article was written, Visual Studios got an upgrade to its IDE. Now an IDE is an Integrated Development Environment. The great thing about these is that they can help a developer out by either compiling as they type and showing mistakes on the fly or point out the mistakes during compile or run time. But the upgrades that visual studio got all where aimed to help out the developer by allowing the searching of items through keywords or a tree structure. These new additions are important because it facilitates searching through large numbers of items, with either keywords or trees. Another great addition was the ability to look at previous debugging sessions, this is great because now they do not have to rerun test cases to or make inferences from the current data, they can simply look to the previous runs and see just what exactly happened. Another thing worth mentioning is the Team Foundation Server Project Server Integration Feature Pack. This new pack facilitates and bridges any gaps that might come from different developers working under different software models (such as agile, waterfall, etc.).

Any time there is a new software update it’s always nice to see what is getting implemented and what those changes can do for you (or in rare cases what they took out). Overall I do believe that this new update( at the time the article was written) was a good one, being someone who codes a great deal, any time there is an update that allows the coder to search via a tree or keywords is great. One example of this (on a different product) using Notepad++ for our project 2, within Notepad++ you can actually close tags so that they do not clutter your screen. An example of this is lets say you have a div tag well using Notepad++ you can close that div tag so you are not staring at 30 lines of code that have nothing to do with what you are working with, such as a P tag or H1 tag.


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