Visual Studio Upgrade{2}

by Yeimy F

Microsoft’s developers focused on developing a new version of Visual Studio that offers a better user interface, code review, and supports HTML5 features. Moreover, they focused on fixing some of the basic functional problems generated by the previous version such as its tendency to freeze a lot which requires to reset your computer to make it run properly. They are “looking forward to better of ease-of-use in Visual Studio 11 and want better compliance with standards such as HTML5 and CSS.” Major complexities were removed of the previous version and now it has fewer tool bars and tool windows that make developers focus on the job.

This past week we talked about the importance of using Visual Studio to develop a web site or a web application. So I thought I would be important to know that this new version supports HTML5 features and to fix some basic functional problems as well. However, some developers consider this new upgrade made at the wrong time because the economy is bad and argue that a recent upgrade has been made with the released of Visual Studio 2010 which cost more $10,000. So, they wonder why a new version was released a year later, when it is usually done every two years by Microsoft ? Well I believed it is the need to incorporate HTML5 features mainly.


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