Visual Studio’s New Improvements{1}

Microsoft’s Visual Studio version 11 is still in beta at the moment and new features are added all the time. One of the new change to Visual Studio 11 is the JavaScript editor. The JavaScript editor is using IntelliSense, and it also been rewritten on top of the same Chakra runtime that Internet Explorer 10 uses, this means that it will be more responsive, accurate, and scalable that all other pervious versions (Taft, 2012).

Another nice improvement that the new JavaScript received in Visual Studio 11 is the debugging experience as it have added two new tool windows; DOM Explorer and JavaScript Console (Taft, 2012). Both DOM Explorer and JavaScript Console are in place to help the user understand the browser’s interpretation of the application or website they are working one and it performa quick and iterative updates to the their project without having to stop the debugging session (Taft, 2012).

This article relates to our what we have been doing in class. In the article it talked about the new features and improvement in Visual Studio 11 and it seems like most of these new changes will be a nice tool to have while developing application or websites. Another thing i learned about Visual Studio 11 is that it seems that Microsoft is trying to make all their new softwares focus on their upcoming Windows 8. It have mentioned that the new version of Visual Studio will no longer support “desktop application” developments, it can only be used to creating metro style applications (full screen). For those that don’t have are not student and want to create normal application will have to pay $499 for the Visual Studio 11 Professional. I feel like Microsoft is moving too fast, they should have all the features it had from VS10 in VS11.

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