Want to dress up your menu items using CSS3?{1}

by Chris S
The article I read was more of a tutorial than a blog or article, however, it still provided some very useful information on how to drastically improve your website menu items visually by using CSS3. Currently we are learning about CSS and how to use it in my web development class, so I understand a little how it works. With CSS3 you can do so much to your website by adding stunning animated menus that are far from boring and typical. Creating menu items that overlap each other but scale to the top when hovered over can make your website much more appealing to users who visit it. One example used a heart image about the menu item text and when hovered over contained an animated heart-beat effect. Little tips and tricks like the two provided are just a couple out of many ways to improve on making your website not only look good, but more interactive for the user. When developing websites, traffic is the main focus and if you are able to draw a lot of people to your site, well then you did a good job.

This tutorial was pretty helpful in providing ways to dress up your website by just using little techniques offered in CSS3. I can’t but wonder if these extra additions to the website would clog it up and cause a slower page load. That seems to be a big issue when using javascript, but thats javascript and this is CSS3. It seems that the more content the better, but it can sometimes work against a website that may contain too much. Keeping a website simple, yet attractive is the key to web development and I think CSS3 helps out the web developer in doing so.

by Mary Lou Oct 24, 2011 tympanus.net