Web 2.0 Extends Its Influence In the Libraries of China’s Top Universities{Comments Off on Web 2.0 Extends Its Influence In the Libraries of China’s Top Universities}

by Abraham L

Web 2.o extends its influence to the libraries of the top ranking universities in China. There are more than 1,500 universities in China each having possession of library web sites – the top 39 of these being owned by the China’s government. According to a survey of 38 of the top universities (excluding 2 of the top universities and including the Shanghai University Library) There is a significant amount of Web 2.0 applications being used. Among these are OPAC 2.0, RSS, BLOG, Instant Messenger, SNS (social networking services), and the use of Wiki – OPAC 2.0 being the most used application and Wiki being the least used.  Keep in mind that the sample of 38 university libraries represent the most developed groups in the country while as the rest of China may still be developing technological development and financial input.


Web 2.0 libraries differ greatly from traditional web libraries solely to the fact that Web 2.0 focuses on the interactivity of the user with the internet. Web 2.0 doesn’t just make things more interactive for user in terms of the internet itself but also an increase in interactivity between users. With applications like SNS, IM, BLOGS, etc. the its the internet is very interactive. Its not enough though  just implementing Web 2.0. There has to be a good balance between a validation of information being shared and with web 2.0 it doesn’t usually seem like sure shot. Never-the-less, Web 2.0 should work out the little problems as it continues to increase its influence. Web 2.0’s goal is to connect users AND utilize content.

Being in the US, Web 2.0 is everywhere. After reading this article, it made me realize that my web experience here can be a total different experience in somewhere else. By this I mean that the internet society is not consistent globally. For example, SNS is ranked number 3 in Web 2.0 application usage in China and Wiki being the last ranked application. I would imagine here in the US, we use Wiki way more than the top universities in China do. I also imagine that economically, China uses the OPAC 2.0 application more frequently as China is one of the larger economic countries in the world.



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