Web 2.0 in Enterprise{1}

by Alejandro C
Summary: This articles goes into detail about how Web 2.0 is currently being used in today’s Enterprises. Though used a blanket term to describe new technologies and uses to which enterprises can take advantage of to better utilize resources. As an upgrade from Web 1.0, Web 2.0 has many features to which companies can take advantage of: Users can write and contribute to pages, pages and sites can now be of a more dynamic nature instead of being static (almost application-like), and most importantly everyone has the ability to use it. Blogs, Wikis, and the mixture of Interactive application like pages through AJAX and such technologies enables ones company to better serve their customers.

Reflection: Though I have always heard of the term web 2.0 I never truly had a chance to actually read anything about it, most of it I’d blame on the fact that I have other interests in technology then Web Development and such. By reading this article it makes me realize how such technologies can greatly improve a businesses internal structure by tailoring web pages and services towards customers, staff, and other potential interested parties. It seems that with the dynamic nature of this new Web 2.0 technology Development teams can pursue many different ways of making a web page exactly like a living application which can increase load times, accessibility, and use. Reading through how RSS feeds, blogs, and Wikis are now apart of most companies it makes sense to have this as a strategy and better promote ones chance at distinguishing themselves in today’s world.

I do work in an environment to which this actually does server a purpose. By working at an ITS department for my current job blogs and wikis are used everyday to share information, processes, and problem solutions for things our department deals with on a daily basis. This allows for downloading of content and updating FAQ’s on an almost instant basis to get better feedback and help. I do think that businesses today should look into a way of implementing some of these technologies today whether small, medium, or a large company it is keeping up with todays standards and trends which better shape a business.

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