Web Address Suffix to be Available for Register{Comments Off on Web Address Suffix to be Available for Register}

by Richard H
The option to register “web address suffixes” or “secondary names”, e. g., “.shop” or “.california”, will become available on Thursday and will expand the index of unused domain names by near infinity. The cost to apply to be “registry holder” to one of these new web address suffixes will be 185,000 US. Many businesses are preparing to buy out possible high-demand web address suffixes  for later resell at a higher price.

I predict that the oncoming availability of registrable secondary names will be a great opportunity for large corporations, businesses, and governmental entities to increase the recognition and maintain competitive identity in an over-saturated information and media platform. The high cost of register will discourage most from the initial purchase of secondary names, but eventually the oncoming option of purchasing simpler domains through the new secondary names may grant new start-ups and ventures greater search engine optimization and generate more hits toward their websites.

The “.com” web address suffix will probably remain cluttered as it will continue to dominate causing most established businesses to not be willing to give up their domain however we may see many lesser known sites with less memorable domains to switch over to a newly established secondary name.


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