Web Analytics and Ecommerce Business{Comments Off on Web Analytics and Ecommerce Business}

by Tuyen H


In the article “10 Web Analytics Solutions for Ecommerce Merchants” (ROGGIO, 2011) Armando Roggio lists the top ten of web analytics.  According to the author, Web Analytics is a bridge which helps connecting the businesses and consumers. It also helps businesses improve their website about user and marketing experiences. 
1. Adobe SiteCatalyst, poered by Omniture which helped improving checkout rate for companies up to 70 percent.
2. IBM Coremetrics analytics helps marketers succeed by provide a completed data about how a website affects visitors and information about social media, email, and advertising return investment.
3. Google Analytics is a free power tool to individual user. This web analytics is also foundation of entrepreneurs and small business marketers.
4. Webtrends has more than 3500 clients. Webtrands focuses on the digital marketing intelligence and pricing solution.
5. VisiStat targets to small and medium size business by providing very clear and actionable data
6. Snoobi focuses on the marketing and advertisings tactics are generating the most sales.
7. Truviso offers to its customer a package data including visitor data, online advertising data, and online video measurement.
8. Reinvigorate “uses globally-distributed tracking code to monitor real-time site traffic data, provide industry-leading heatmaps, and offer known user tagging to help site owners with personalized marketing analysis.”
9. Mint operations like a web server. It allows user to host their own web analytics tools set.
10. Woopra offer its user an excellent user interface and allow users to filter data by community, feed reader traffic, email, and social media.

This article relates to our class topic because it talks about web intelligent. It is surprised me when I read this article because I when I think of Web Analytics, I always think of Google Analytics. However, there are many companies provide this service. I think Web Analytics is great tool for business special for marketers.

My company (SCE) is a client of IBM. At work I use IBM Rational ClearCase to track Testing quality documents, but I have not known that IBM has another great tool as Web Analytics until I read this article. I think, web intelligent is great field to study. I hope that Cal Poly offers more classes teaching about this topic.
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