Web analytics and You{Comments Off on Web analytics and You}

by Davina V
In this article, they discuss about how a web analytics dash board would be built to help improve web performance.  They do a good job of introducing the concept of web analytics if you have never heard of it before and its importance, along with a skeleton of an explanation of what it is. The article is a simple but good read for those whom want begin CIS. In addition they use Google Analytics so most people know what that is.

I like this article because it is an easy read. The authors made it easy enough that  even a beginner could see the point of the article. They also have a web analytics architecture to look at in the article. The only problem I see is that they do not use another analytics program to have a comparison in the project.

I thought that it was an interesting program to look up since it was brought up in class.

Wankhade, R. S., Ingle, D. R., & Meshram, B. B. (2012). Web analytics dashboard and analysis system. Advances in Computational Research4(1), 83-86. Retrieved from http://www.bioinfo.in/uploadfiles/1331700800P037 webanalysi.pdf