Web Application Communicating without Servers?{1}

by Maral M
Internet communication between any two or more users is done through servers. A group of developers are creating technology that will allow users to communicate with each other without servers. The users in this scenario would be the applications that would allow persons to communicate with only needing an internet connection. However, the applications would be responsible for protections against malware as viruses and worms would be more easily accepted without the protection provided with servers. This technology would allow for transparency between applications. Other benefits include not needing to remember log-in information and not worrying about servers crashing.

This technology seems to be an improvement in peer-to-peer communication. I feel that this, with the right protection, can one day become highly competitive in web development. This reminds me of Limewire’s peer to peer music exchange without the legal implications. I think it will be very beneficial to be able to communicate with people around the world without worrying about servers and downed systems. Internet connection is vital to the sustainability of this technology.

I feel that this is going to make web development exceed current expectations and allow for users to dictate how applications are created. I think that another benefit is the privacy that can be obtained with this kind of technology in keeping private conversations/exchanges private. One of the issues is the computer’s vulnerability to viruses which would need to be corrected by the application owners.

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