Web apps load quicker with new upgrade to ASP.Net MVC{1}

by Giselle N
The article I read this week was about how Microsoft is upgrading (or already has upgraded) its ASP.Net MVC software. This software enables development of web applications through the Model-View-Controller architectural pattern. Microsoft is adding mobile web functionality and capabilities for creating web apps that load quicker. The beta release will be included in the beta version of Visual Studio 11 and the .Net 4.5. The new version of ASP.Net MVC will decrease the number and size of HTTP requests that a page makes, allowing it to load faster and make it more responsive. It will also include jQuery mobile web framework for smartphones and tablets, customization support, and new support for developing web API’s for building HTTP services and APIs that can be programmatically called from clients. Not only this, but ASP.Net MVC 4 will include Microsoft’s Razor view engine. “Razor V2 includes enhancements that enable you to make your view templates even cleaner and more concise, including better support for resolving URL references and selectively rendering HTML attributes.”


I thought this article was interesting because of the increasing number of users using smartphones and tablets that will use these web apps. It’s good that this software will allow for faster loading and better support, which is really all that users want. Not only will this benefit users, but also developers of web apps because they will be able to use this software in order to create these web apps.


Krill, P. (2012). Microsoft upgrades ASP.net MVC to enable faster-loading web apps. InfoWorld.Com, , n/a. http://search.proquest.com/docview/923642873?accountid=10357