Web-Based Car Applications{2}

by Robert D
We keep seeing fancy gadgets for new cars. They rarely amount to anything useful, but they do tend to be interesting. An upcoming feature that several car manufacturers want to implement is augmented reality windshields. For those not familiar, AR takes images of the real world, and imposes computer images on top.

So what does this mean? Maps on your windshield, for one. The article explains how the application will allow drivers to gesture towards icons imposed onto the windshield by AR to find directions or get traffic updates. There are even plans to make car-generated content: the article mentions the idea of a driver swerving to avoid an obstacle. The car records this swerve, notes the coordinates of the obstacle, and alerts other nearby drivers who are using the application.

The technology still has a long way to go. It wasn’t so long ago that the use of cell phones while driving was banned in California. Communication and web technology don’t go very well with driving. The problem is making these applications safe to use while still allowing the driver to drive normally. We’ve seen a lot of improvement for voice-operated devices in the past few years, so maybe we’ll see some innovations with other means.

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From CNN Tech