Web Browser Trend{Comments Off on Web Browser Trend}

by Chaoxi P
This article is talking about the web browser usage statistics. The Internet Explorer is less than a half web’s traffice now. The substitute that  is Safari. Although IE still the top 1 in the desktop browser share, it is declining. Firefox is the 2nd popular browser, and then followed by Goggle Chrome.  On the other hands, Safari is keep increasing their market share on Mobile/Tablet Browser. Now, Safari is holding 62.17%. Cause Safari is the default browser in Apple’s product. Also, the iphone, ipad, and itouch are the most popular product in the world. Therefore,  IE no longer has its competiton advantage.

Looking at the trend of the web browser, I will consider the web feature will more trend to the mobile device. Before we develope the website, we need to consider the website whether will work on the safari. For example, safari do not support Flash. Therefore, the website which contain Flash as their major content, then this website will get into trouble. Cause it will not run well under Safari. If the most popular browser is Safari, this website will lose most of user. Because of these, I will design the website’s feature more suitable for mobile device.

(Blog 10) This blog post took me 70 minutes. I only read 3 blog posts by my classmates this week because I prefer spend more time to do the final project. The comment took me 10 minutes.

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