Web cannot live without ‘Sort’{Comments Off on Web cannot live without ‘Sort’}

by Chaoxi P
This article is talking about the facebook brings back the option that is the sort information by recent stories. Now, users have two options which are sort information by recent stories or highlighted stories. For the highlighted stories option, it is show the important content at the top. On the other hands, the recent stories option that shows News feed in reverse chronological order. This revamped news feed in an attempt to make sure users do not miss the events in their friends’ lives; it was accomplished through the launch of ticker and an update the highlighted events occur in their social graph.

Related to our class, we learn the website that contain client-site and server site. Like the facebook, user posts tons of information to the server. After that, other user can browse their friend information through the client-site. However, tons of information is difficult for the user find out the exactly information they want. Therefore, more features on sort function can help the user save time to find out information. For example, they can add category function. So, the user can pull out the post which with exactly category, and shows on top. These is very important not only on facebook, it also useful on most e-commercial website.

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