Web Design: How to build it better!{1}

by Evin C
When you load a website in your browser, you are immediately overcome by the layout, images and color of the website. If for a moment you think to yourself, “Wow, this is eye-catching!” the website has done its job. According to the article I read, “46% of respondents from a study conducted by Stanford University commented on the design and look of the website as being one of the most important factors in determining credibility.” From that statistic alone you can see how much the design and layout of your website affects the traffic and credibility for the people accessing it. The article provides three helpful services to use when trying to make your website as efficient as possible.

  • WordPress
  • Intuit
  • Squarespace

The article continues to dive into these three programs extensively, touching on some of their main focuses of web design. I highly recommend looking into them as they could be of use to you now or even into the future.

Considering our class is directly related to web design and implementation, I feel this article provided helpful tips for those who take the time to read it. It may not touch on material directly related to the course as of now but towards the end of the course or even looking to after college, it could be of great use. Give this article a read!


Richards, A. (2011). Building a Better Website. Black Enterprise, 41(11), 50.