Web Developers Thirsty for Mojito

by Alexander H
Yahoo has recently released an open-source Web application framework called Mojito, which will tailor to developers and allow them to promptly write applications for all major device platforms. “While Web app frameworks are nothing new, Yahoo claims Mojito is different because it addresses the problem of delivering content to devices that have weak or intermittent connection…” (Scott).  Mojito will allow developers to create apps using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript that can run on the client and on the server. An embedded JavaScript engine allows the app to run on both the server and the client. One of the benefits of the new open-source development application is the fact that it can switch between rendering on the client and on the server if bandwidth is limited, which will ultimately provide a better experience for the user.

I felt that this article tied in well into our discussions throughout the quarter regarding development and implementation. For one, the open-source application at hand incorporates HTML, CSS, and JavaScript; three major components of Web development. The article also mentioned Yahoo’s efforts in competing with Google to return the internet leadership position it once held. Mojito would be Yahoo’s trump card and sway developers’ attention back towards them. Interestingly enough, Mojito is just a component of a broader project called Cocktail that Yahoo has recently released. This project will aim to further attract the attention of Web and application developers.

One important piece of information that I came away with after having read the article was the powerful capabilities and features of Mojito. Developers want tools that will ultimately allow for the creation and implementation of their applications with ease. Versatility and features are what catch the attention. Performance and delivery are factors that lead to a loyal following from developers. It is still too early to determine how well the open-source application package will do with developers. One thing is for sure, if Mojito’s functionality is as promised, there is a high probability that Yahoo will once again regain its internet status position.


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