Web Development in Courses{4}

by Irving A
In the industry today we find a large number of web development tools and technologies in the industry. Due to the amount of information and time constrain web courses are not practically taught in today’s colleges. Due to the high demand for .Net developers, institutions have a form of Microsoft technologies being taught. ASP.NET MVC provides a good way to teach several aspects of web development such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. A mixture of markup and .Net can produce dynamic page behaviors. This journal focuses on the use of ASP.NET MVC3 as a platform to teach standers that are enforced in today’s industry. ASP.NET MVC has served as a gateway for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The development uses basic technology as used in Microsoft which gives functionality and Helper as well as AJAX support.

ASP.NET is an Object Oriented web technology that creates web applications. ASP.NET MVC is a component of ASP.NET that with the complexity of the Model View Controller architectural pattern. MVC architecture provides web behavior functionality in Helper classes and built in AJAX support. This separates the components of the application into their independent components. Model View Controller has been used in many technologies because of independent development and testability.

Teaching ASP.NET to college students who are going to graduate and work in the field is a great way to prepare them for success. Granted it is hard, if not impossible, for institutions to teach everything about web content. Institutions should focus on today’s technology. By doing so they are able to teach students what firms are looking for. It would only be beneficial for students to be taught skills that are being practice currently such as ASP.NET.

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