Web Pages{Comments Off on Web Pages}

by Joeydes M

This article is about the art of designing a website and the content that goes into the pages of that site. It talks about cluttered sites with too much going on, and sites that take too long to load, etc… The author states that web design is a breeze and that anyone can do it, the problem is that every does do it and it doesn’t always come out good. It goes into detail on what specific types of companies and site design should practice. Breaks down the dynamics of a site and also points out that sometimes simple is better then overly complex.



I can’t agree with this more. I am guilty of this myself I have built pages in the past that are awful and I had no business publishing them. In retro spec I was probably proud of myself and felt accomplished, but now that I am more educated and compare my work to that of professionally done sites I need more grooming. The more I learn about web site design and development I can understand why there are teams of people that develop sites. There are a few components that not a lot of people can do well together graphics and coding. These are both very creative tasks but not everyone has the talent to construct good looking graphics and some people don’t have the patience for coding. This is what I have found, someone with both skills can be very successful.


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