Web Security and your Websites{Comments Off on Web Security and your Websites}

by Alejandro C
Through the development of the web it has offered a wide range of benefits, but with it comes the exploits of any system. Among them are threats to personal privacy, data, economy and government threats. Since its inception we are able to get so much done and reap its information for our own use, business use and so on, but with it comes a price to which we should all be worried about. Our own personal information, business information, and so on is out on the web for people to use and exploit. In a recent conference (ICCS) it was found that about $10 trillion is business was conducted over the Net, so its critical for private and public entities to work towards the protection of such a great asset. Howard Schmidt, White House Cyber-security coordinator would like to establish stronger deterrents, longer prison sentences, and more resilient networks with better backups as well as cleaning up access points for less intrusions to take place. Realistic policies and guideline should be in place for employees, customers, and business partners to utilize towards a better safer net.

Security is a big topic nowadays. Since so much information is out on the Net for anyone to pretty much look up, use, or learn from it helps to have some type of rules or guidelines in places for people to follow so we can all have a piece of mind as to not have to worry about being exploited in some way. Though there will always be people who will be out on prowl to gain intelligence to exploit customers, users, and governments it seems that security has been on the rise and will continue to be. Today it feels like companies, businesses, and government agencies all have a better security policy in place for these things not to happen and it it always changing not a static plan.

This should also be a concern for developers of business sites and personal sites. Encryption and security should always be looked at as to not have databases intruded upon and what not. But not only that personal websites or social media sites have now been placing more security on the users. But it seems that the majority of people do not have a means to worry about it as much as they should. People create Facebook sites or what have you and post all of their personal information without a care if anyone can see it.

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