Web UI Design simliar to… GUI Design?{1}

by Alejandro C

Web User Interface or merely WUI is still a major issue for designers and the like looking to establish a site to which users can easily navigate, search, and utilize.
Incorporating GUI design aspects, the author states, could help with these issues that arise. It sates that the GUI methodology of design is able to proper mapping of users and tasks and tasks and presentation elements through this designers are able to focus more on the user and develop a system to which has a broader but focused usability. The author provides reasons and ways to get this implementation going and it ends with a 6 step improved WUI design methodology.

Reading through the article ones begins to realize how this would actually work with in a site you are trying to design. You are tailoring it to more design friendly page for users to feel comfortable. Since users are already familiar with a GUI type layout and already are comfortable with a WUI implementing the two to form a new improved way of designing a site with better usability.

At first I did feel conflicting since WUI and GUI are two completely different design and systems. Though it feels like in today’s society web sites are becoming more and more like applications which are tailored around the users needs and wants. This at least seems to be somewhat being used at the moment or at least it feels that way to me.

Nerurkar, U. (2001). Web user interface design: Forgotten lessons. IEEE Software, 18(6), 69-69-71. doi:10.1109/52.965807