Web User Interface Design{1}

by Gerardgon Z
This article talks about the difference and importance in creating and designing a website for a web business or application compared to a content driven website. E-Business websites should be task and driven and direct to the point without fancy icons or graphics that could distract the user from the its main purpose. It lists the best techniques and proper ways to design an application based website that will lead the user into doing what the website was designed for.

I picked this article because we talked about web user interface in class. We discussed about some design techniques and web page forms that are currently being used in today’s web 2.0 websites that are for E-Businesses and are application driven too. This article touches on some of these points  and at some points even more in depth. The article talks about website menus and their bread crumbs in order to lead and direct web users to the proper page without causing them be lost and or uninterested in the website.

It talks about the basic design interface and why this interface is the best way to do it for an E-business website just as we have discussed in class. It covers a lot of things even more of the designs we talked about in class.

Tillman, J. (2003, November 12). http://www.digital-web.com. Retrieved from http://www.digital-web.com/articles/user_interface_design_for_web_applications/