Websites are living evolving creatures{Comments Off on Websites are living evolving creatures}

by Joeydes M

This article is about the creation of The author goes into detail about the idea of the site and the evolution of creating an interactive and dynamic website. He states that his ignorance of the web was made obvious early on in designing and developing the site, he said “I thought the web was like television” (Laurence Rees). The author talked about the User experience and how he wanted to present a very friendly environment and that he wanted to inform the audience of real events. He included a lot of videos, over three hours worth, and so he could keep peoples attention he made them eleven minutes a piece. A colleague of the author helped him engineer the user experience he told him that, “visitors to the site must be allowed to control their own experience of it” (Laurence Rees). The author then went on to talk about how he wanted the entire site to be dynamic and in the hands of the user. He also pointed out that the more complex the design was the more costly it can be to develop the site. There was also a realization that presented itself to the author and that a website is never done it is a constantly evolving and ever changing project. He also talked about the fact that it is not enough to just design the site and build it you have to showcase your UX and people have to visit the site.


This article was enjoyable to read and the author brought up a lot of great points. The first point I would like to discuss is the fact that a website is never done. Having developed sites in my past I know this is absolutely true and I know that this is truly a constant process. A client can and will have multiple ideas for their site and every time the prototype is demonstrated the client often wants to change something or add something that they did not think of in the discussion phase of developing the site. I also want to touch on the fact that the more sophisticated and “flashy” a site becomes, the more functionality, the more expensive it can become. As a developer I know that enhance features can be manually built but someone has usually already done that for you and is selling it on the web. These tools usually cost money and once the developer has to invest it is generally going to cost the client.

The author wanted to present a very dynamic and intuitive user experience this is the single most attractive aspect of a website. It is probably the single most effective silent marketing tool you can capitalize on as a developer and designer. If the site is user friendly and easy to use along with an attractive look and feel people will come back and they will spread the word about the site, which in turn brings about more customers and more traffic. One of the more attractive and trendy items right now are the fact that people are putting videos in their sites and not very long videos  but clips that people can view. The UX is a good way to attract people to a site but it does not stop there, you have to market and you have to use tools like google analytics and other marketing tools as well Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc…


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