What is SQL?{1}

by Wei C

In the article, author has briefly described the functions and the information about the SQL. SQL is not a complete programming language like Java or C++. However, it is a sub language for the relational database system. SQL is focusing on the data management using tables, columns, rows, and data types. In addition, author also went through the key statements such as SELECT, INTO, UPDATE and few other important ones. Aside from the statements, types of data were also described in the article. Possible types allowed in the SQL system are CHARACTER, INTERGER and TIMESTAMP. Author also stated that SQL is an individual system which can run and represent something itself without requiring other tools. In the conclusion, author basically talked about all the possible features and functions of SQL along with all the statements which were used in the SQL.



In my opinion, it is really interesting to know all those details of SQL since it will be part of our server side programming. SQL is really a convenient tool which can help manage a lot of different kinds of data. However, it is not that easy to learn overall. I refreshed some of my memories from the CIS305 class after reading this. It is time to recognize those again since we are going to use it again.

In conclusion, SQL is not a complete programming system but with a lot of functions that are similar to some codes from other complete programming language. SQL is a really common sub-language in the current environment of CIS. In this case, it should be always nice to learn and understand more about SQL.


Melton, J. (1996). SQL language summary. ACM Computing Surveys, 28(1), 141-141. Retrieved from http://search.proquest.com/docview/195180142?accountid=10357