What is Visual Basic?{2}

by Quoc L
A computing language that was developed by Microsoft in 1991. Originally created to assist coding write Windows programs. Running on a new language called BASIC. This coding language BASIC was created by 2 genius John Kemeny and Thomas Kurtz. It now have become one of the most popular tool in creating Window’s programs. It let the developer see their GUI in real-time as they are coding their window’s programs. By having all the required tools for the creating of windows programs, visual basic is in itself a self sustaining programs.

Learning the history of Visual Basic is important to part of our learning. Known what and how to use technology is important for the long term. For example if we just know how to use it, we wouldn’t be about to help people understand why we are using this program if they ask. As we are currently learning about Visual Basic(VB)  command, we should also learn about it usage. Even though VB is a object oriented program, it can’t be used to code inheritance because VB doesn’t support it.

I find this article to be very informative about VB. I have heard about this VB before but never really understand what the use and point of using VB. I didn’t know that it similar to the other programming language such as C## or java. That you can basically draw out your coding in VB. With this information, I can now applied this program it the correct situation, instead  of just taking a leap of faith into VB.


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