What is Web Analytics

by Jasmine C
The article I read about talked about web analytics and how it is the process people use to gather statistics about how their website is used.  This kind of tool can help a person understand their users which can then help them decide what their users want/need. To find out more about what the users think, one way that their feedback can be documented is with surveys, like surveymonkey. The article then goes on to talk about web analytic tools, like Google Analytics, Coremetircs, WebTrends, etc. Google Analytics came out in 2006 and has been doing well ever since it’s release.  The article also stated that if you are using analytics, then you should have a privacy policy that states what personal data they may be providing upon request, what information could possible be collected without their knowledge, how the company may use this information, etc. This way, users have an idea of what kind of information will be gathered from them. If along the line they want to get out of the analytics program, they should be able to. Google analytics  has good privacy policies in that they are “clear, direct, and intentional” (Marek 8).

I like this article because it helped to enhance my understanding of what web analytics is. In class we have been discussing web analytics and I enjoy it because I have a better understanding of how businesses/companies get the information they need about you as a user. Web analytics are cool because they can help websites become better by asking the people who interact with the site, “How can this be better?” or “What can the format of the site look like?” I also like this article because I know now the importance of privacy policies. If you are going to be gathering data about people, then you need to be able to disclose with them what they type of information they are going to collecting.


Marek, K. (2011). Chapter 1: Web analytics overview. Library Technology Reports47(5), 5-10. Retrieved April 8, 2012, from http://0-web.ebscohost.com.opac.library.csupomona.edu/ehost/pdfviewer/pdfviewer?sid=fadf2b76-5595-4b6f-856d-b7c1cff3804a%40sessionmgr112&vid=2&hid=113

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  1. I really enjoyed reading your article, web analytics seems to be an essential tool for businesses to track their web statistics and try to improve on their web traffic. It is also a good point to protect your data, to ensure that you that only select information is shared to third parties. I never knew what an impact this had on business.

  2. Nice article, it help me better understand what web analytic is now. I thought at first all you need was a good website to successful on the web. It seem it be way more complex then my original though.

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