What SOPA means to us

by Caezar M

what the speaker is saying is that SOPA and PIPA are not working in the best interest of the interenet. the internet is an entity in itself and it has a lot of stuff and its not just about commercial corperations anymore. these corporations try to make money and they want to do anything that keeps them making money. but now there are new types of content creators who dont care much about making money they just want to make people laugh/cry/get out of their seats/ and just want to make a difference. the main point here is that the internet is not “real,” we cannot take conventional approaches to regulating it, if something bad is happening we cant break down the front door, or maybe even shut down an enture website. we built the internet as it is today and if the government starts shutting down websites at will, well we saw what that could look like.


This blog was written on a video i found on youtube. the speaker in this video is 1/2 of the speakers on this channel and they themselves are authors/content creators. i think what he is saying is true. we cannot treat the internet like it is the real world. if we did then there would be no internet, or at least there would nothing interesting about it. most of the content created on the internet now is response to other creations and any mention of copyrighted material is made then they can potentially be shut down. but as the video shows there are people in the business of violating copyright all the time and nobody caring. what i think needs to happen is a need for better copyright law as to “what is fair use” because if we can just prevent non fair use then i think we can get  along.


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2 thoughts on “What SOPA means to us

  • January 29, 2012 at 8:38 pm

    I totally agree with the author of the article. Those bastards always wana make money in any means. And the damn government does a lot of regulating for that purpose; taking away the freedom of people in any possible way. The good is that it’s hard to control the internet. And they can’t shut it down totally. They will lose money that way. So no worries for now.

  • January 29, 2012 at 8:47 pm

    I agree with you. In my opinion they already make enough money. Taking down sites will only affect the people they are supposed to protect and serve. Politicians should care about the majority and not the top 10%, or so.

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