What’s In a Website?{1}

by Calvin M
A website represents who you are or what your company is all
about. It is used as a way to attract new customers and to give information
when they can’t visit your store. Having a website allows a business to run an
online store, where customers that can’t normally be reached can be purchased
from. E-commerce websites are becoming more relevant as time goes on. Though
there are service providers that let you “build” your own website yourself,
there are other professional services that build your website to your exact
specifications. These professionals know the correct word usages, color
schemes, and template designs to make your website efficient and user friendly.

Since this class is about web design and development, I
figured that blogging about the importance of web design and development would
be the most appropriate first blog. Most, if not all, companies have a website
and e-commerce site where customers can visit and purchase goods or services.
To be relevant in this IT field, I feel that it is important to know a lot
about web design and applications. I feel this class will help with
understanding how web design and development works.

I definitely think to be a web designer, you need to be
really creative and know a lot about marketing. After taking a few marketing
classes and then taking this class, I can see why CIS majors are under the
College of Business. There are a lot of business terms and strategies that we
need to know in order to create or support different types of businesses. I
hope that I can learn a lot about web design and development and how I can
integrate that into my career goals of being an IT/network manager in this

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