Where Security Ranks

by Joeydes M

This article is talking mainly about the potential risks that you face while using the web. It goes into detail about how the Web 2.0 initiative is bring about many opportunities to connect with people and business globally and on a grand scale. The channels of communication and services that are readily available for us are because of the web, and though it enables us to be more efficient it also leaves us vulnerable as well. Things like intellectual property, identity, and financial information. It goes on further about the security of enterprise level data, and how company’s must make this a priority. It discusses measures beyond just authentication, such as permissions and access levels and audit trails to keep track of what people are doing once they are logged in. It ends the discussion with the commitment factor, that security is an ongoing, constantly developing process and is not just a “set and forget” process. There needs to be constant attention to detail and follow up.


I believe that this is a serious topic and should not be taken lightly. Yes, the web is expanding business and allowing a lot of good opportunities for businesses and consumers. However, people are unaware of the potential dangers they face. To some extent the consumer and web user needs to be aware of the situation and use some common sense will using the web, but ultimately as businesses grow and globalize they need to provide secure and safe communications for its customers. There needs to be piece of mind given to those who use the web and when people are putting there credit card information into a database it is not being shared or stolen. The Web tools are becoming more and more sophisticated and more and more client side scripting is available which can potentially be malicious and mis used. Security should be a top priority to any company using the web when conducting their business.

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2 thoughts on “Where Security Ranks”

  1. E-commerce has made life easier to certain extent. I don’t need to go look for ‘stuff’ all over the place. I can find it from my desk. But as you stated, there is that security issue. Credit card information being stored, stolen, extracted and all kinds of other privacy issues. I think people forget about security issues because it’s not starring at them or have that “won’t happen to me” complex. My aunt won’t shop at all online because she is afraid her information would be stolen. She asks her brother to pay with his credit card instead. HAHA!

  2. Web 2.0 is amazing, especially how it is used today. If you told me back in 2005 that companies would not only consider but use Facebook and Twitter for advertising I would have shrugged it off. But it has became this amazing medium for marketing, but at the same time this is still the wild west, and one has to take that into consideration when using these services.

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