Where Web Design Focus Counts Most{Comments Off on Where Web Design Focus Counts Most}

by Omar N.

Taken from: www.inner-studios.com

This article is about a research study made in Taiwan that compared a high convenience vs. a low convenience e-commerce website. To measure their study, the researchers used the Internet Commerce Evaluation Scale (ICES), which covered 12 key areas:  visitor greeting, catalog, shopping cart, checkout, security, coherence and organization, consistency and standardization, efficiency, navigation, style, value added, and brick and mortar. What they found was that in the high convenience website, the strongest indicators of high satisfaction were from the visitor greetings, catalog, shopping cart, consistency and standardization, efficiency, and brick and mortar. For the low convenience website, visitor greeting, catalog, and coherence and organization were the major contributing factors to having unsatisfied customers.

I do want to point out that in the article it is mentioned that most of Taiwan’s e-commerce suffers from skepticism when it comes to consumers and online shopping. This is in part due to customers still preferring to touch and feel a product before purchasing it and also wanting to be able to see that there is a person behind the counter in case they need to return the product. I believe that the U.S. has overcome this obstacle, for the most part. Otherwise, how else could Amazon.com have become this big.

Putting the fact that this research used Taiwanese college students aside, this article is of interest to me because it shows what is important to those who visit an e-commerce website. The study points out that visitor greetings and catalogs were what customers pay the most attention to. This means to me that the first page that the customer sees along with the pictures and descriptions from the product pages are where companies should never screw up on.

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