Which one is better?{3}

by David H
This week I read article about comparison between ASP.Net Web Form and ASP.Net MVC. For ASP.Net developers when they want to build a new Web project, they will consider these two methods for their designing. Most of companies, they go with ASP.Net MVC more than ASP.Net Web Form. The reason they choose to use ASP.Net because ASP.Net has a lot technical goodies for their development and for significant revision of existing sites. In addition, most IT organizations believe that ASP.Net MVC has great value. It has more features that can help developers create a significant Web project. The difference between ASP.Net Web Form and ASP.Net MVC is Web Form shielded developers from the nifty gritty details of HTME. On the other hand, MVC stay closer to metal of HTME and HTTP. It gets rid of the thick abstraction layer built on top of Web Form such as view state, server controls, page controllers, and event base page life cycle. One thing that is good about MVC is when we write bad code MVC will make it easier to diagnose than Web Form. However, the cost of MVC is higher than Web Form.

I think this article is relate to class because last week we have been discussed about Web Form, server control, view state, page loading, page event, and MVC. However, we didn’t go into much detail about MVC function. From this article, I have learned that ASP.Net MVC has more functionality than Web Form. I like how MVC can interpret the code easy when we don’t have good coding. In my opinion, I will choose MVC instead of Web Form even though the cost is higher, but in exchange it can bring better benefit for us to build a new website project


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