Why CSS is the Preferred Method in Web Design{2}

by Gerardgon Z
Almost all if not all of today’s websites are designed in CSS. Current websites are designed to be easy to use and beautiful to look at while having to be compatible with multiple web browsers and search engine optimized. This article talks about a small amount of features and advantages that CSS has over its predecessors. The article touches up on search engine optimization, browser compatibly, appearance, maintainability, and bandwidth savings.

This week’s discussion was on CSS and this article lists some of the benefits of using CSS over HTML. We talked about how CSS is used to create style sheets and headers for websites with relative ease. Using CSS it was easy to create nice looking, formatted, and web site ready pages and templates. We talked about how we only need to edit and maintain the style sheets in order to maintain the format of the whole page. The article also talks about appearance and the maintainability of CSS which ties in perfectly with this week’s discussion.

I created a website way before CSS was available and used tables to format it. Looking at what CSS has to offer,  I can definitely say that this is a great improvement from HTML in both ease of use and formatting. CSS is even optimized for search engine crawlers which in today’s world is so essential to websites and online companies as it allows them to be listed and searchable. The new style sheets also help with managing and editing a website instead of doing it manually, page per page.

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