Why Do I Need CSS?{Comments Off on Why Do I Need CSS?}

by Calvin M
(note this blog entry is a make-up for October 23rd’s blog)


Cascading Style Sheets, or CSS, make website design a lot easier to design. CSS files can style your fonts, positions, and other data on your HTML pages by using classes to name each specific style. It helps make your HTML codes look a lot cleaner, and if it is cleaner, it will be easier to spot mistakes in HTML. CSS has a lot to do with User Interface and User Experience since it allows your websites to look a lot better. CSS also allows for your websites to be found easier on search engines since you can place components nearly anywhere on your page that can make search engines easier to find certain keywords.


I’ve always known how to use a little HTML since the days of MySpace, and other sites that let you customize your pages using HTML. I never knew what CSS was used for, and I simply thought that it was just a different type of way to program websites. After learning about CSS in this class, I learned how powerful CSS can be when designing your websites. A lot of the awesome websites that are purely HTML (no Flash) use CSS to its full potential.


CSS is powerful because it is compatible with every web browser. Some sites show Flash content differently, but CSS is pretty much universal. Also, the article says that using CSS can make search engines find your websites easier, so in a marketing and publicity point of view, CSS can be very powerful when developing websites. I’ve seen different websites, usually message boards, that allow for users to change the layout of how the site looks to them by using CSS. I am very excited to start using CSS to create higher-quality websites in this class.


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