Why We Use AJAX?{Comments Off on Why We Use AJAX?}

by Chaoxi P
The artical talk about Google released their Chrome browser, they included a very fast implementation of JavaScript called V8, the client side scripting language included in all browsers. (Many webservers use Scripted languages like PHP or VBScript. Most Web browsers have a scripting engine built in so they can execute JavaScript. ) The author mention that he hate the javascript language becuase of   no tools for debugging. But since then, Google Maps and Gmail came along a few years ago using the whole Ajax technologies and JavaScript has had a major comeback. Google’s V8 (written in C++) compiles and executes JavaScript source code, handles memory allocation for objects, and garbage collects objects it no longer needs. These design details explain why V8 is so much faster than the JavaScript in other browsers. In short because it compiles to native machine code not bytecode that’s interpreted.

My opinion AJAX would only pass back the value and obtain the new selection values. We are only grabbing the data we need and not having to process all of this excess. So, we can save the time for a classic post back. It is quicker than having to wait for the page to re-render. Besides that, It increased efficiency in the user interface can often mean that time is saved at the task-level, offering opportunities for concrete cost savings there. It also save the cost of bandwidth.

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