Wikipedia introduces QRpedia as a way to increase usage of QR technology{Comments Off on Wikipedia introduces QRpedia as a way to increase usage of QR technology}

by Boshi W
QR codes have recently been popular among smartphones to be used in many areas such as shopping centers to museums and even DMV. Although this technology has been around for nearly a decades, it was never really proven to be useful enough to adopt and switch. However, that much change soon as Wikipedia rolled out a language detector using QR codes to translate automatically to the language of choice by scanning QR codes anywhere in the world.

When the QR code is scanned using a smart phone, the phone’s language settings are automatically detected and transmitted. Wikipedia then chooses the language of choice based on that detection and displays in that language. Thus, shortcutting the step of having to manually select the language by the user. It also has the function of displaying the pages in mobile-friendly version and showing the most relevant search result when no articles are found.

This technology is brilliant yet still needs polishing. QR codes have long been used but was never really proven to be useful. However, with the development of this new idea QR codes finally found its use. It can be used anywhere such as supermarkets to museums when a visitor wants to learn more about a product on the shelve or a object in the showcase.

I think as people find more useful ideas about this technology more and more great ideas will emerge. Soon people with smartphones will be able to access unprecedented details about anything they wish to know more about!


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