Windows 8 and .NET Developers{Comments Off on Windows 8 and .NET Developers}

by Calvin M
Windows 8 is coming out soon, so that means developers have been able to get a first look at the new Windows operating system, and other programs that are getting ready for developers to create new applications for users. This article has a small review of what Windows 8 has to offer, along with quotes of other developers who have reviewed this OS as well. Along with Windows 8, they are adding a new Visual Studio 2011 and .NET Framework 4.5 for developers. According to developer Michael Desmond, the .NET Framework 4.5 isn’t much different than the current version of the .NET Framework because Microsoft didn’t have much to change in the first place. The main focus of the new .NET Framework is to help developers create more mobile web friendly apps. Windows also created a new Windows RunTime language for developers to create more apps that will be Windows 8 friendly. Microsoft created this Windows RunTime language to develop more apps for the Metro UI that will be a part of Windows 8. The language is very similar to C++ and C#, so it won’t be hard for developers to create apps for it.


I’m always curious when Microsoft releases a new operating system. So far, the previous 2 operating systems that have been released by Microsoft have been underwhelming. There hasn’t been too much new for users and developers to go crazy about with Windows Vista or Windows 7. So far after reading this article about Windows 8, I seem to be more interested in Windows 8 as a user even though this article was written as a review of Windows 8 for developers. There seems to be a lot more that the Metro UI can offer to users that I hope developers can take advantage of. Microsoft seems to want to get into using a tablet to get the best use of Windows 8, so a lot of the Metro UI has to do with touch controls. To me, this is what I’m the most interested in because the future of computing is going to have to be in the mobile web devices. I hope with the new Visual Studio 2011 and .NET Framework, developers can create more mobile web apps that will benefit Windows mobile device users a lot. Though I don’t think that Microsoft can do much to touch what Apple has, I think they are definitely on the right step with this operating system.


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