Windows 8 Web Upgrade{3}

by Mike Y
As technology becomes more integrated with the web, companies have to invest in features that use the internet. To better the user experience,  Microsoft aims to rely more on internet connectivity to provide services to customers. Windows 7 uses automatic updates to keep the desktop software up to date with minimum interaction from the user. Their goal for Windows 8 is to be able to install the operating system through an internet connection. This completely eliminates the hassle of using a boot disc.

This is important because it focuses on making things easier to do for the user. In the past, much of the software concentrated on product features, but now, a huge part of development is the user experience. In order for companies to accomplish a better user experience, internet connectivity is one of the cheapest and fastest ways to help the customer. Many computer illiterate customers will be able to do things that they would have never thought of doing in the past such as an OS installation.

I think this is important because I feel that there will only be an increase in reliance of the internet to improve the user experience. It’s only a matter of time before an OS will be near unusable without an internet connection. I believe that, eventually, without internet connectivity, many features, while not required, will be disabled at the customers inconvenience. Google’s Chrome Book was a huge leap in the direction of a web based OS, but I think Microsoft’s adoption of heavy internet feature for an OS will be slow, mainly because of the industry.


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