Yahoo’s Manhattan{Comments Off on Yahoo’s Manhattan}

by Andrew J
Google, Amazon, and Yahoo all began life as websites. However, they have all grown and turned into much more than that. Google has the Google App Engine. Amazon offers its Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2). Yahoo will follow the companies with their own online service known as Yahoo! Manhattan. Yahoo! Manhattan is designed to facilitate the creation of digital magazines and other consumer applications to be used not only on PCs and notebooks, but also in iPads, Android tablets, and other mobile platforms. This environment will allow developers to build applications with javascript.

We are currently learning javascript in class. Though it is just the basics of javascript, we could use it as a substitute to java, the apple platform, python, and other platforms to build applications for mobile devices. The more platforms we learn, the better it is for us in the future. We don’t know which one of these platforms will pan out. Whether it is going to be one platforms or several platforms that make up the market share, we’ll be ready.

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