Your Choice of Which is Better!{6}

by Jasmine C
Why do developers think it’s better to use ASP.NET MVC? Well, even though MVC provides developers with goodies, ASP.NET Forms may still be useful to some developers. Why is it that ASP.NET MVC was created in the first place?  Well according to the article I read, from the time period that ASP.NET Forms was released to when ASP.NET MVC was released, MVC addressed the technical and business changes that were occurring in that time period between the two release dates.  Even though ASP.NET MVC makes sites easier to test, easy to modify and much more, both ASP.NET MVC and ASP.NET Forms contain the same core functions.  The article also talks about ASP.NET MVC offers developers total control over HTML and the interaction with inline JavaScript is cleaner.  When ASP.NET Forms was first release, developers were shielded from the dirty details of HTML so this control allows developers to comfortably build Ajax applications and give existing apps more responsiveness and interactivity.  Another great thing about ASP.NET MVC is that Web standard compliance is easier and since the Web is always evolving, this is a great asset for developers.  All in all, even though the use of ASP.NET Forms is still acceptable in today’s society, ASP.NET MVC allows for a cleaner more testable code with added benefits and thus should be used once ASP.NET Forms no longer services you, as the developer, at the level you’re used to.

I liked this article a lot because it allows people to see that there are more options out there available for developers to use. In class we learned about ASP.NET, however, I don’t recall learning why developers use ASP.NET MVC over Forms.  This article really does give insight as to why one might pick one over the other.  If anyone is using ASP.NET Forms and they do not have any problems managing it, then I see no reason for them to want to switch to ASP.NET MVC unless they were exposed to all the goodies that MVC has to provide.  As far as coding goes, as developers we should all practice how to write a clean code and even though ASP.NET MVC makes it easier for a developer to spot bad code, developers should not use this as a basis of choosing MVC over Forms.

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