Chapter 1 Section 1.2 Business Strategy

by Bryant V
Chapter 1 Section 1.2

By: Bryant Vang

In the article from PCWorld “SSDs May Give You More Bang for Your DRAM,” Stephen Lawson describes the future of SSD. SSDs (solid-state disks) are starting to take over the hard disk segment market. What separates SSD from ordinary hard disks is that there are no moving parts and also consumes less energy. SSD hard disk uses NAND flash technology which allows a much faster reading and writing of data. This is a rather new technology and cost more per gigabyte than your standard hard disks. “Research Company IDC expects enterprise SSD sales to grow by an average of 165 percent annually until 2013” (Lawson, 2010). This new technology is still being adapted and is not for everyone.

Using the new technology for their systems seems like a good idea. The biggest challenge to adopting the new technology is the lack of software. DRAM is the current memory used for IBM’s Systems and Technology. Andy Walls, the technical lead for SSDs in IBM’s Systems and Technology division comments, “My experience is that software doesn’t change. For a long time, I suggested we change the name of software to ‘impossibleware” (Lawson, 2010). Walls also commented that it will most likely take the next two years to be able to implement the software to be useable with flash memory.

Section 2.1 in our textbook talks about competitive advantages. A competitive advantage is “a product or service that an organization’s customers place a greater value on than similar offerings from a competitor” (Baltzan & Phillips, 2009). A competitive advantage is unfortunately temporary because of competitors. SSDs are the first huge movement in the hard disk industry. They have a first-mover advantage by “being the first to market with a competitive advantage” (Baltzan & Phillips, 2009).

This article is related to the topic because of the competitive advantage it created. SSDs are still a very new technology. I have already purchased a SSD hard drive for my desktop. All I can say is wow. I am a huge computer hardware fanatic and always want to update to the latest and greatest. I can tell you that SSD is the new way to go. They are virtually quiet, extremely fast, but this comes at a price. It will create a booming computer experience.

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