Hosted Database Called ‘Storage’ by SimpleGeo{1}

by Chris S
This article talks about the upcoming services and products from SimpleGeo. SimpleGeo is a company that originally wanted to create location-based games, but they found out that the tools they needed did not exist yet, so this sparked an idea to go into a different direction. That direction lead them to the development of two products, Places and Context. Places is a database consisting of points of interest, and Context allows developers to query for data relevant to a given location. So now they have Storage, which is a hosted database. Developers can use this to retrieve data that has location information associated with it. Storage is hosted, so there can be outsourcing for infrastructure issues. SimpleGeo charges by the usage which is 25 cents per 1000 data calls and 10 cents per 1000 records stored. It also uses a tree structure for managing the data. This results in more efficient queries to be made. There are high hopes for Storage, hoping it will be able to become a definitive solution for managing location data.

The article also mentioned that Storage was also distributed using Apache Cassandra, another type of database management system. So going off this article as a whole, I believe it related to our class in a number of ways. The first thing I think of is obviously it is a database on the cloud, which may become second hand knowledge to us in the work field in the future. Being associated with such technologies and ideas would only have its benefits.

I think the part in the article that talked about queries is more directly related with what we are presently doing in class right now. Though it does not give specifics as to what or how information was searched for, it gave some examples of things that you can search for within the location information database and is the same idea as us searching for certain things within a database. If we could become familiar with a program like this, I think it can have many benefits to users. It is like using the Local Weather application on an iPhone, and as I mentioned before, SimpleGeo hopes to become the solution for managing this type of data.


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