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by Lyle Q
Groupon is an organization that does coupons right! Each day a local daily deal is offered to cities throughout the U.S. For example, Fresno’s August 6th’s daily deal was for Maxx’s Bistro. Ten dollars gets you Twenty dollars worth of anything on their Dinner Menu. This past weekend was a 3 day deal (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.)  $20 gets you a one hour trail ride at Wonder Valley Ranch, a $40 value. Each day a new local company is featured with pretty dynamic discounts.

Here recently in cities like New York, Chicago, and Los Angles the demand for local businesses to get featured by groupon has gone through the roof. This has caused groupon to continue to innovate in the coupon market. They have introduced personalized deals. This allows groupon subscribers in the aforementioned cities to have the opportunity to purchase groupons that are tailored to their individual buying behavior and desires. They are also hoping that this personalized deals move will help establish a more diverse customer base. Currently the majority of their subscribers are female. Up to this point in time, Groupon has feared they may be alienating the male customer base with many of their deals catering to female interests. This new personalized deals strategy should help in bringing more men into the equation.

Having your company featured by groupon will create massive brand awareness. Fresno has 40,000 subscribers. For a new or even struggling company, 80,000 eyes seeing your company and what it offers can make a huge difference. This has only become possible through Information Systems. The way groupon has been able to grow at the rate it has is because of E-mail, social networking sites, and their iPhone App. Each day 40,000 people in Fresno get an E-mail describing today’s daily deal. In order for the Group-Coupon (Groupon) to be valid, a predetermined number of people must purchase the deal before the end of the day. So if you want to go to Indoor Mini-Golf for only $7 instead of $15, you make sure your friends buy the groupon too. There are links in the E-mail that allow you to easily forward the deal and even post it on your Facebook. This kind of exponential exposure is only possible because of E-mail and social networking sites. I personally admire this company very much in that they took a very simple business model and basically exploited coupons through social networking. It’s incredible.

Written by: Lyle Quillin

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