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by Alan S
Alan Serrano

Myron Hatcher

IS 130

Second Life

People have always looked to take a break from the rigors of life and to escape reality. They accomplished this by reading a book, listening to stories, watching plays, films, television shows and playing video games. There is a new format that allows a person to take that break from reality, its call second life. This paper will look onto what is “Second Life” and how it works. What are the benefits to “Second Life?”

Second Life was created by Linden Labs. A person would go the website of and would create a user account. Then they would create an avatar. An avatar is a digital recreation of one self for a video game or online virtual world. Once the avatar is created they have access to second life which is an online virtual world.  A virtual world is a computer based simulated environment similar to a video game but unlike a video game there is no set objective. Linden company describe second life as  an“A social structure that mirrors the complexity of life, a fully-functioning economy, and the ability to express creativity through simple but sophisticated 3D tools enable a realistic and exciting environment where users’ experiences are limited only by their imaginations.” (Linden Lab Research Inc) Simply put a user can do whatever they can think of in second life.

            A unique thing about second life is that people have the ability to create anything that they desire which leads to creation of recreational events like sporting events such as football games or baseball games. Or they can recreate role playing games and reenact historic battles or any fantasy game.  A person can create art and put it on display and other can go and look at the art. The “user can walk up to these sculptures and interact with them – get inside them, move around them,” Dodd’s says. ‘This is the inherent beauty of virtual art – it’s possible to create objects and experiences that aren’t possible in the real world’ ” (The Age Company Ltd) Second life can be a very entertaining tool for any person but it can be used for more than just entertainment.

            A person on Second life can make money using the online virtual world. In the previous paragraph is says that a person can make art and display them for the people to see. They also have the ability to sell the art and make money. Second life offers an online currency called the Linden Dollar which can be converted to real currency. This allows uses to make and sell products in the virtual world.  In an article it states that “Linden Lab discovered that several Resident business owners were cashing out Linden Dollars in excess of a million US dollars a year, with the top earner grossing an estimated $1.7 million.” (James) Users can also buy and sell virtual land to make money. Linden labs say that “The cost of land itself is based on demand and can fluctuate with the market” (Linden Research Inc) User buys land through auction that is held, from other residents or private regions.

With the ability to create anything you want such as art, lands or building or the ability to reenact events second life can become a valuable tool for education. Many schools are using second life for online lecturing. The New York Times wrote “Scores of colleges and universities have set up campuses on islands, where classes meet and students interact in real time. They can hold chat discussions and create multimedia presentations from virtual building blocks called prims.” (LAGORIO). Second life is something that is very exciting for the world of education.

Second Life is a Virtual World that allows people to take a break from their daily lives and lets them experience whatever they want inside the comforts of their home. Second Life can be used for entertainment purposes but it can also be used as a way of making money or as a tool to teach and educate. Second life is a valuable tool that can benefit anyone in any way they please.

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