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by Amber V
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Tablets Use in the Business World

            A tablet is a mobile device that is very similar to a computer. The new and popular versions of the tablets are the Ipad and the Android tablets. In a world that is becoming increasingly more interested in the newest technology trends, the tablet has become a success. According to the textbook, businesses are striving to become a “mobile workforce” (Baltzan, & Phillips, 2010). Companies are doing so in order “to increase productivity, speed delivery to market and reduce operating costs” (Baltzan, & Phillips, 2010). In my opinion the tablet is just another means of achieving this goal. The tablet has many capabilities that will benefit business as a whole they are appealing in size, capabilities and they have applications [apps] that laptops don’t have.

            The tablets are appealing to many people, not just those in the business industry. Tablets have a sleek design with a large screen and many of the desirable capabilities of the laptop. One of the appeals of the tablet to the business industry is that tablets are smaller and thinner than the average laptop. This is beneficial to the traveling business professional because the tablet is small and easy to travel with. The small touch screen tablets are larger than phones, but are perfect for the business professional. The tablet is the perfect size to show illustrations, such as pictures that would otherwise be too small to be viewed on a phone. Besides being a good size between the size of a laptop and the size of a phone, the tablet has many great capabilities which make it a good choice over a laptop or a phone.

The tablet has many of the appealing features of a laptop such as Wi-Fi capabilities, abilities to store music, documents, videos and pictures. The tablet also comes with GPS which can an asset to the traveling business professional that travels. When a business professional travels to a new place, they will be able to use the GPS not only to get around, but also to find restaurants and other attractions in the town or city they are traveling in. With an internet connection the tablet is able to send and receive emails, and surf the web. This can be done using Wi-Fi or on such companies as Verizon, a business professional can pay a monthly fee so that they can have internet that is not in places with Wi-Fi. On the Android tablets it is suggested that the user have a Gmail account; [Android is a part of the Google market]. A new feature of the Gmail accounts is the ability to make calls using your internet connection through one’s Gmail account. This makes the tablet have the desired capabilities of a phone as well as having the capabilities of the laptop. What sets the tablet apart from a laptop or desktop is that the tablet has many applications [apps] available for it.

Apps have become the large trend in cell phone industry, while they are not available on laptops; they are now available on the tablets such as the Ipad and the Android tablets. There is a wide variety of apps available on the tablets from games and entertainment to business apps. While many apps are available, I have chosen three business apps that I feel will be a big benefit to the business world. The first app that I feel can be an asset to the business professional is Evernote which is a  good example of a business app. According to, “It’s [Evernote] great for taking notes in meetings and also lets you embed voice recordings, pictures, Web pages and pretty much anything you want to make your notes more complete” (Hendrikson, 2010)”. This app would be best used in a meeting environment; the use of pictures and voice recordings will help to create stronger notes. Another app that would prove beneficial for the business world is an app that helps translate important messages into different languages. According to,

[The tablet] “is localized into English, German, French, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified & Traditional), and Korean. It also supports the Windows XP Multilingual User Interface (MUI), which lets you change dialog boxes, menus, help files, dictionaries, and proofing tools for each user’s language”. (“Top 10 benefits,” 2010)

This is especially important for businesses that deal internationally; it makes it easier to communicate with clients that speak different languages. Not only can the tablet translate other languages into their own, but they can write in other languages while having tools to help them to communicate better with their clients. The last app that is an asset to business professionals is an app called Gist. According to, “The Gist Android app gives users complete business profiles for their contacts including updates from social networks like Facebook and Twitter” (Vance, 2010). This app is important to the business professional because you get to see a “complete business profile” of a company as well as the chance to socialize like a social networking site such as Facebook. This allows perspective business partners to meet each other and learn more about the companies they may work with in the future. Also not all, but most apps on the market are free or may have a small charge. These apps along with others can be helpful to a business who is working on becoming mobile.

            In conclusion, the tablet is a worthwhile investment for a business seeking to become more mobile. The tablets are portable and have much of the capabilities of phones, and of laptops. What makes the tablets set apart from the laptop and the phone are size as well as the app market that is available for the tablet on the Android and the Apple markets. I feel these can be a great asset to any business company.