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by Michael P
Social networking has become a craze across the country and around the world in the past decade. It has almost become a necessity in everyday life for many people. This growing dependency for instant communication and networking has opened up an entire new world to businesses everywhere. Social networking websites such as Facebook have become incredibly cheap and efficient tools in the business world. These sites can be used for cheap advertising, instant communication, networking groups, and many more things that benefit businesses at little or no cost.

There are several ways that Facebook benefits businesses, and perhaps one of the most advantageous uses of this site is advertising. Many businesses create fan pages and normal Facebook accounts and use these pages to reach hundreds, thousands, and sometimes millions of people. A local example of this is the Doghouse Bar & Grill in Fresno. This is a fan page on Facebook with nearly 16,000 followers. In mere seconds, Doghouse can post an advertisement that will show up on the homepage of every one of its followers. Other examples include companies and industries such as Nike, UFC, sports teams, Gap and many more. In the first financial quarter of 2010, Facebook became the largest display advertiser in the world, serving over 176 billion display ads, beating out Yahoo by a mere 45 billion ads. Facebook has become a monster in advertising and businesses continue to use this incredible tool to expand their marketing abilities without killing their budget.

Another beneficial use of Facebook for businesses is its communications uses. There are several ways to communicate on Facebook, from instant messaging through the chat application to posting messages in groups. If all of the employees in a business have a Facebook page, they could be online at their desk and be able to instantly communicate with each other through the chat application. This application shows a person all of their online friends and allows the option to send them instant messages in a fraction of a second. Another way to use Facebook for communication in business is to use the messaging on Facebook as an alternative to e-mail accounts. Facebook allows a person to leave a message in some one’s inbox so it can be viewed next time they sign in. This provides a free, uniform medium for communication between members of the business and eliminates the need to create a company e-mail server to keep everyone on the same communication lines.

Facebook also provides the option to create groups. This function of Facebook could be used in several different ways in business. The most obvious use of groups would be creating a group that includes all employees in a company or creating groups for each department of the company. Another use would be creating a group for preferred customers in a way to post messages to only your best customers offering them special deals for their loyalty. Groups on Facebook can be used in several ways and the possibilities for better business are endless.

Overall, Facebook has become a huge part of society, business, and everyday life. The number of users on facebook is approaching 600 million. According to Quantcast, Facebook has about 135 million unique visitors each month. This creates a huge market for advertising and allows companies to reach their target markets quickly and efficiently. The social website has a net worth of more than $40 billion, and shows no signs of halting growth. Facebook is now a huge tool that businesses are just beginning to tap in order to make their every day operations much more efficient and cost-effective. This use of social networking has changed the world and become a necessity in the future of business.

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