Chapter 2: Strategic Decision Making{Comments Off on Chapter 2: Strategic Decision Making}

by Adam S

How Bob Iger Unchained Disney
For a few years now, since Michael Eisner was CEO, the Disney Company was filled with ego board members and workers, was a snake of a dog and was not what Walt Disney had imagined his company to be. For this to be known, we can see that the model that was presented to us in the chapter has not been working for the Disney Company because there is miss communication, to much of executive say and not enough of data findings to know what is the right step for the company. The Disney Company has fallen this way since the CEO went off of what he thought than rather looking at the data from the decision support systems. Thankfully there is a bright side since Michael Eisner was fired as CEO and now Bob Iger has set a new light for the Disney Company.
Since Iger has become CEO, Disney profits have gone through the roof. Iger stood back looked at the decision support systems, the EIS, and has relied, not just on his, but on others artificial intelligence. We can see this in how Disney bought put Pixar, the revival of ABC, the franchise of Pirates of the Caribbean and the rising attendance at the Disney Resorts. Since Iger relied on technology to show him where the problems were, the Disney Company has had an net income of $3.4 billion and revenue of $34.3 billion. I can see how Iger stood back and looked at the business processes through: money, environment, human resources and the management information to put Disney back on track, unlike Michael Eisner who almost made Disney broke.
Through the years since Bob Iger has been CEO of Disney CO. we can see that he has used the business process reengineering because he looked at the project scope, he studied the competition between theme parks and entertainment, himself and Disney Imagineers have created new processes so that this situation will not happen again and the company itself has implemented solutions that have shown, now, that the Disney company is back on track. Iger said, “I recognize that the problem is not the people running the show, but it is the work environment and I will change it.”
There is still much to do inside the Disney Company by looking at the business process model and the mapping of the activities, but through the strategies that I have read and discussed, the Disney Co. is heading back on track and they now have a CEO that is taking in the information that he is receiving from his fellow co-workers and using it to make Disney bright again. So we can see that the Mouse is Back on top, thanks to the strategic decision making from everyone that is working under the Disney name.
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