Analytic Challenge With Data{3}

by Chris S
The article I chose was about the analytical side of having vast amounts of data. Having large amounts of data is important and is crucial to understanding and benefiting a business. A resource of this much importance is vital to business intelligence. Now on the other side of things, the analytics market is dramatically changing with BI tools working with more data among other and more integrated analytics platforms among other things, there is a push for making these types of reports about data faster. The calling for such reports is just about demanded in real time, and in the business world time is money.

The demand for data discovery tools is increasing. As mentioned in the article, some programs like Tableau Software, QlikView, and Tibco Spotfire provide quick reporting and analysis in relatively good timing. There another interesting ideal solution to increase the speed of analyzing data even further. One such idea is In-Memory Databases. With the dropping price in memory and increasing speeds of processors, more businesses are considering implementing the idea.

I think this article fits right in in terms of this class. Granted we are learning how queries work and how to write them properly, but the idea of drawing up certain information is the same. Towards the end of the article, it mentioned how no matter how fast or accurate information is produced, you still need someone to analyze it. It also mentioned that this subject may be a key growth area for job opportunities in upcoming years. So we are just by learning the basics of databases, and an article like this goes to show that there will be room for much expansion and improvement in years to come.


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