Businesses: Is HTML5 for You

by Davina V
This article discuses the pros and cons of using html5 for business that are building and deploying web content. Some of the reasons to use html5 includes: deployment across multiple platforms, which leads to maintaining one batch of code with less maintenance and a lower lifetime cost; offers more storage options; development of html5 apps may lead to better access on business intelligence on mobile phones. However, the most prominent cons that come into mind are that the promises that html5 make have not come into realization; and html5 is incompatible with Internet Explorer which is an extremely popular browser. It is highly recommended to get a programmer familiar with html5 if you decide to go through this route.

This is the topic that we had for this week and when I saw that not many other people considered putting up this article I decided that most would want to know this. Because I am a CIS student aiming for the business side I know that an article like this is very important when considering adding or changing other elements in your business plan(s). I hope that for those that decide to read this article find it interesting.


Tee, J. (2012, April 06). Pros and cons of html5 for business. Retrieved from


2 thoughts on “Businesses: Is HTML5 for You”

  1. I also read about some of the pros and cons of HTML5 but I believe that IE is also supported by it is it not? From what I read even the dreaded IE6 is compatible with HTML5, it just needs a little more code than usual but then again I might be wrong. Also from what I have been reading HTML5 is still in its infancy which means that it will still need a few years yet before all the kinks are worked out. Businesses should be wary though because they have a lot more to loose than those who plan to use HTML5 for non business purposes.

    1. True it is still developing, but as for support for IE another article from before said that IE was only able to handle the bare basics and not the current capacity that HTML5 currently has. The article talks about IE9 and how it fails to support HTML5, this is a link to the article I hope that helps.

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